First thing this morning, I said I was going shopping, and buying Myself some clothes.  Shocking, isn’t it?  Seeing as I was down to one pair of jeans that actually fit, I think it was about time.

This was repeated several times.  Middle son’s girlfriend was asked, but already had other plans.  After that, nothing was ever said about anyone going but me and Munchkin. I really honestly figured all boys would be bored going clothes shopping with Mom for Mom.

After lunch, was putting Munchkin’s coat on to leave, and then, the oldest finally speaks up and says he’d like to go.  Surprisingly enough, he was actually ready to go when he said that!

So, the 3 of us went shopping. And had a very good time!  He didn’t even get impatient with as long as I was taking to pick out clothes and try things on umpteen times. Yes. I must try everything on before I buy.  I swear, nothing fits the same.  I wear a size 4 in some jeans, and some are a size 7.  He helped out with Munchkin as much as he could, and shopped on his own.

Strangest purchase of the day – My son bought 2 ties.  No. He does not normally wear ties. Ever.  He claims he’s going to start.  🙂

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