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It’s going to happen!!!


Sorry/not sorry about all the Perfectly Posh posts, I am so close to promoting to Pink Plus 2!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!!


More Free Posh!!!

So, this just happened!!!
Order at
select March Madness, and you will get the Free Posh from that promotion added, Plus Free Stay Gold mask if your order is over $100, Plus you will get an entry in the March order drawing!!
Oh! And with Buy 5, Get 1 Free, that’s even more FREE POSH!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!
And, you get Perks, which add up to even More FREE POSH!!!!!!!! Mind blown!!!!!


Mood swings

I try very very hard to be understanding, but, there are times that my oldest son’s moodiness drives me insane!!
Sits, head down, won’t look at anyone, won’t take part in conversation, won’t even say what he wants or if he wants to eat. But, yet, if I ask him what’s wrong, he tells me, ‘Nothing.’ And I cannot get him to talk at all. Especially when 30 minutes before, he was exact opposite – talking, laughing, joking….

You know you want to…

Join my Perfectly Posh team!!! Just got an email that says all starter kits are $5 off until March 29, @ 2pm Mountain time!  That’s about $250 worth of the Best pampering and skin care products, plus business supplies for only $94!!(plus tax and shipping)
Plus, you’d be joining my amazing team!! Quite honestly, it is joining a sisterhood!  The support and training are Amazing!!!
Message me, or go to and click join! 



It’s Here!!!


Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I cannot believe how fast this was delivered!! Ordered it Monday morning, at my house Thursday afternoon!!!!  UPS man actually said he was jealous, he has one, but, this one is a better model!  And, he had to pay for his! Ha ha!
Munchkin is going crazy wanting to go camping NOW! Although, she did think of something that has her very concerned – ‘where will we go to the bathroom???’
I’ve got to get out to the shop and find the rest of our equipment, clean and check it all out, see what needs replaced. It’s been 6 or 7 years since we’ve been camping.

No make up selfie


I have never been a selfie person. I also was never one to be seen by anyone other than immediate family without a full face of make up. Since I’ve changed to Perfectly Posh face wash, face creme, & masks, my skin is the absolute best it’s ever been! I no longer feel the need for full make up all the time, in fact, I’m not even wearing any makeup in this selfie!
Try it! I promise you’ll love it! Send me a message, or order at