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I am a wife, mom of 2 adult stepdaughters, 3 sons, ages 25, 21, & 17 and 4 year old girl, photographer, Perfectly Posh consultant, sister, aunt. We homeschool. I have discovered that doing pageants with my daughter is FUN! I find sewing to be relaxing. My oldest son was in a car accident a little over 4 years ago, and suffered a TBI, all of our lives have changed. Laughter is necessary! I have told my friends that if they can't find anything to laugh about, call me. I'm sure that either something is going on at our house that they will find funny, or else they will be going, "Whoa! Glad it's you and not me!" :) If you're interested in Posh, check out my site at


Have you ever had a month that you set a huge, crazy goal, but, didn’t really think it would happen?

I did this month. 

And, holy cow!!! It looks like it’s going to happen!!

My uplines are positive I’m going to promote to Premier!! I only need a little more in team sales, every other requirement has been far surpassed! 

Help me reach my goal! My team and I are so close! Every little bit helps! 

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