Monthly Archives: May 2016

Posh Bootcamp

I am soooooo excited!!!! My application was one of the ones picked for extensive training in June for Perfectly Posh!!  Even more exciting that 4 other members of my Amazing Posh Angels team were also chosen!!!
I cannot wait to get started learning more, and see how my team grows from this experience!!

Last week, it was terrible allergies, this week, it’s respiratory infection. I just want to sleep, but, too much to do, so I just keep plugging away.

But,I just had to pop on here and brag on my oldest son! The past 2 weeks he’s actually dusted off his walker and has been using it around the house! More than he’s in his wheelchair! He’s also been trying to do more! 

But, his mental state is not so great. He’s back to barely sleeping, refusing some meals, and when he does sleep, he’s having vivid dreams that he’s believing are real. We’re going back to Dr to get meds adjusted.

I just want to sleep.

Playing catch up

It’s been crazy busy around here!!
Still going through the hoops of getting the oldest son’s ssi renewed, but, he has been more motivated lately on his therapy! He’s even gotten his walker back out! Yay! 
This may not sound like much, but, Huge accomplishment happened last week! He’s been trying for months to make his bed, he’s finally able to do it! He can get all four corners of the mattress covers on, and they stay tucked!! Don’t ever take small things for granted!



Munchkin and I went out with friends tonight and had a very good time! Can’t wait for our next ‘Girls night’! For some unknown reason, Munchkin is now calling her best friend’s mom, George. All evening, it was ‘George this’ and ‘George that.’
April was another Great month with my Perfectly Posh business! I am shocked and amazed how well I’m doing with this! I earned my third Monthly Award, and check out my team stats!!