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Who doesn’t love surprises in the mail? I get really excited when I see the return address is Awards at Perfectly Posh! 

Check it out! I hit first goal in the current company incentive!!

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I don’t know what’s going on, but, my oldest son is going through another of his grumpy stages.  He’s not too bad in the mornings, but, by afternoon, it’s obvious something is bothering him, but, he just says Nothing.

He’s also refusing to eat what is cooked for meals!  Or, at least, not eating when the rest of us eat.  Eventually, he will finally decide to eat, after changing his mind several times, even after whatever he asked for is being fixed.  The meal thing is really going to drive me crazy.  When he changes his mind, his tone is like he’s mad at whoever is fixing something for him, “Why are you warming up lasagna?”  “Because you just said you wanted it!”  “No, I don’t! I’m not even hungry.”

Limu update

I just happened to think that I haven’t given an update in weeks!  

I am very happy to say that I have only had one migraine since the one I posted about!  No more almost daily migraines!!! 

Eczema is pretty cleared up completely! 

I have also been sleeping much better, instead of laying in bed for hours, waiting and wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep, I am now asleep within minutes!  It feels pretty amazing to me!

Friday Catch up

It has been a busy week.  Started school with youngest son.  9th grade!  Wow, where has time gone??????  Nope, it hasn’t gone exactly smoothly, it’s been very difficult to keep him on task, his mind is completely on dirt bikes.

He sold his Yamaha on Monday.  Tuesday, I had to take a water sample to DEQ, and from there, we went to Tuttle to look at a KTM.  Surprise, surprise, he bought it. The rest of the week has been “Can I ride? Can I go out and do such and such to my bike??”

I have a solution to the nightly medicine fight!  We simply switched to taking the anti-depressants in the morning, and there’s been no problem so far. Such a simple solution, but yet, it has taken weeks to think of it.

And, now, I’ve got to get back to editing photos for two proof books. 

I want a date night or weekend away with my husband.  Even though we’re both at home, I feel like we haven’t had time together in a very long time.



Pageant results

Just realized I had forgotten to post how great my girls did!
My son’s girlfriend: jackpot photo, jackpot swimwear, and jackpot beauty, and 7 and up Grand Supreme!!!
Munchkin: jackpot swimwear and jackpot beauty, and 0-35 month Mini-Grand Supreme!!!
I am so excited and proud of both of them!!! And, have to brag – I did the photos they entered, plus munchkin’s swimwear was a $4 thrift shop find that my friend picked up and I stoned.

Car and Work

EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s almost freeing having my own car again.  It really hasn’t bothered me, driving my son’s pick up for the past couple of years.  I had planned on doing it longer, but, there is an ease in my mind now, kind of hard to explain.  My son admitted feeling guilty, thinking it was all his fault I didn’t have a car. I truly hope those feelings are now gone.

Today, I have GOT to make myself sit at the computer and edit!!!  Every time I tried to yesterday, it would start thundering.  Then, last night, I should have just stayed home and work, but instead, I went and visited my sister.  That doesn’t happen very often.