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Fun, relaxing day!

So, what’s more ironicly funny than someone forgetting to go to the Alzheimer’s walk that they signed up to do?  I don’t know, but, I’ve sure been having fun teasing my photography assistant about doing exactly that! (In her defense, she did end up babysitting for her sister-in-law on the day of the walk.)

We didn’t really do much of anything today.  My assistant/niece came out with 2 of her kids and visited most of the day.  All the boys and their girlfriends were here.  Just an all around nice day.

The Oldest’s girlfriend and I tried 2 new recipes off of pinterest today!  Both were keepers!  Ham & Cheese on Hawaiian rolls for lunch, then stuffed bell pepper casserole for dinner.

I think I may attempt making Middle Son’s girlfriend’s beauty dress for pageants.  I’m trying to talk myself into being brave and attempting to work with that scary type of fabric.

Where to begin?

Yes. It’s been busy, crazy, hectic.  The usual, actually.  I just haven’t taken time to write.

Let’s see, I was sick for about 3 weeks with a bladder infection.  Sick enough that I really didn’t do much of anything but what was absolutely necessary.

Munchkin and Middle son’s girlfriend were in a benefit pageant last weekend. (on a side note, I have got to come up with a nickname for her, “middle son’s girlfriend” is just getting too long to write all the time, and just sounds weird!)  The girls in the pageant collecting over 10,000 books for OK Literacy Coalition!!  Unnamed girl won Grand Supreme!!!  Munchkin won “Once upon a time Wear” and Beauty Supreme!!  I have to admit, I am shocked and amazed at the “Special event wear” win.  There is only 1 award for the entire natural pageant.  I have TRIED very hard at a couple other of these benefit pageants to win that one, worked very hard on special theme outfit, blinged them up, had special music mix made, worked with her Perfection Studios coach on her routine.  This time, I have to admit, I was more concerned with that poor girl I haven’t got a nickname for yet, trying to help her with her outfit and everything,  and just got out Munchkin’s “little red riding hood” outfit that she has worn before.  Tried it on her the night before we left, added a little fabric to the bottom of the shirt so it’d stay tucked in a couple hours before we left, and called it good.

So, the pageant started Friday night.  I planned on leaving around 1.  I didn’t get headed that way until after 3.  The oldest was supposed to go with me.  He was being difficult all day long, kept going back and forth on whether he was going or not. He actually had a chance that morning to go to OKC with his girlfriend, but he argued with her until she absolutely had to leave. I had several errands I had to run in town before I left, so after lunch, I told him if he was going, get his clothes and stuff together while I got the errands done, and I’d be back as soon as I was finished, would put his stuff in the suitcase, and we’d leave.  I started getting text messages and phone calls from him, asking what was taking so long, why did I leave him, what was taking so long, etc etc.  I got back, and he had nothing together, was just mad at me, saying I had left him.  I told him again, that he was supposed to get the clothes he wanted while I was getting that stuff done, it would save time if he had done that while I did the other.  I ended up telling him that I was already 2 hours late, I did not have time to argue or beg and plead with him to go with me, Yes, I wanted him to go, but, it was up to him, and if he wanted to go, we needed to grab his clothes and leave.  He griped at me some more about just leaving him when I went to town, and said he wasn’t going.  I asked him a couple more times while I got the car loaded, and he still just grumped around, so I really did leave him!  Honestly, I had been somewhat worrying about how I was going to push his chair, take care of his bathroom needs, etc and also chase Munchkin and get her ready for her events, plus help unnamed girl get ready for her events, without the oldest’s girlfriend there or either of his brothers to help.  Not to mention, he gets irritated when we have to leave him while we’re in the dressing room at pageants. I was also still not feeling the greatest with that dang infection.

Friday night, both girls did great!

Saturday morning, I woke up completely covered from the neck down with hives. Horribly covered! Itched like Crazy!!!!!! The Once Upon a Time wear was the last event for the girls.  Munchkin was on stage, ready to start, and the sound system went out.  We sat on the side of the stage for about 1/2 an hour while they worked on it.  She was extremely rambunctious, I was tired, itchy, and achy, and I just about said the heck with it, and almost pulled her from it.  After both girls did that, we went back to the oldest’s girlfriend’s house (need a nickname for her, too!!!)  had lunch, napped, and went back for Crowning.

Anna and Elsa were there and did the crowning.  Munchkin was absolutely in AWE!  Just kept staring and staring, and would occasionally say, “Mama!  It’s Elsa!!!!  Mama!  It’s Anna!!!!!  Elsa’s on stage!!!! Anna’s on stage!!!!”  She was so thrilled, I was glad we went.

When we got home Saturday night, and Unnamed Girl excitedly told the youngest and the Love of My Life all about everything, showed off everything they had won.  Later on, the Love of my Life told me that he thought pageants were very good for her, he loved seeing her so excited and happy, he doesn’t usually see and hear her that animated about things.

So much Fun!!

The concert was a blast!   My nephews, middle son, and myself decided ahead of time that we were NOT going to let the oldest back out on us, he might be mad at us on the ride, but once we got him there, he’d have FUN. 

Thankfully, by Saturday night, he had calmed down, decided on his own that he really did want to go, and there wasn’t any problems.

It was youngest son’s very first concert, and it was a great one!  Friends of ours from our hometown were also there, we met up with them and ended up staying in a group.  They have a daughter the same age as my youngest, and they’re friends, so it made an even better time for my boy, he wasn’t stuck with just us “old folks.” 

Middle son and his girlfriend, her brother, and their friend managed to be up at the front, so we didn’t see them again until it was almost over, if they moved, they would have lost their spot! 

Oldest even stood up for part of the time, someone would stand on either side of him for support.  It was so good to see all my boys having FUN!!!!!

I am thoroughly exhausted today. We didn’t get home until about 2:30.  I did sleep in a little, but, I think I should have just really slept, instead of getting up and trying to get things done this morning.  I probably would be feeling better if I did.


An overwhelming day

This morning has been overload!!!! 

Oldest is being difficult, has decided he doesn’t want to go to the concert (expected)  he’s being grumpy, and has even broken up with his girlfriend. (happens often when he’s in this mood!  She’s a saint for putting up with it!)

14 yo has been a fight to get out of bed, and stay awake to do his school work and chores.  He keeps falling asleep while reading, then arguing with me, telling me he wasn’t sleeping.  I’m sorry, I just stood there watching you for several minutes with your eyes closed, and no page turning going on, you even jumped when I said something!!

Munchkin has been peeing all over the house!  She’s done so good staying dry all week, but this morning, she’s gone through 4 pair of panties in 2 hours.

I have tons of editing to finish, like always.  At some point, I really need to get some groceries in this house, laundry is piled sky high, and I have mentioned I’m sick this week?  Kidney infection, my back and hips are killing me!!!

But, you know what? You suck it up, buttercup!  Some things just have to be done, whether you “feel” like it or not. It’s called responsibility, and being an adult.  Remember, there are always things to be thankful for, and if you look, you can always find reasons to laugh, or at least smile!  Life is what YOU make of it, even on the bad days!  You have the choice to sit back on your pity pot, or shake it all off and move on!  I am choosing to put a smile on my face, thank God that we have all these clothes, even if they do need to be washed, at least I have a washer and dryer!  Yes, my boys that are home today have horrible attitudes, but, they are home, alive and well!!  And, their bad moods will pass.  And, sooner or later, things will “click” with the munchkin, and she will use the bathroom all the time, and the time potty training is no time at all when compared to an entire lifetime. 🙂


My boys and I have always loved going to concerts.  Last week, the oldest came in and started talking about an upcoming concerts he really wanted to go to, Dad really does not want to go, so I messaged a couple of his cousins, and worked it out for him to go. Middle son also wants to go with his girlfriend.  Youngest son started begging, he hasn’t been to a concert.  Dad said he’d keep Munchkin, and I could go, so now youngest can also go.  Oldest was very excited.

Now, here we are, 2 days before the concert, one of my nephew’s and his wife have gotten everyone’s tickets, and the oldest says he doesn’t want to go.

And, I am really not surprised by this.  I actually pretty much expected it.  It’s practically normal these days for him to want to do something, then change his mind several times.  I am expecting a difficult time getting him into the vehicle on Sunday.  But, I’m counting on my nephews to make it happen.  They’re pretty good at convincing him to get back with the plan, and, if nothing else, they’re big enough to threaten to just load him up in the car!  Like I said, it’s gotten pretty routine – want to go, change mind several times, fight to actually go, then have a great time when he gets to our destination, and ask why we don’t go out and do more often.

This also is not his first concert since his wreck, he’s been to a few others with his girlfriend and his brother.  It’s My first concert since his wreck/munchkin’s birth, I’m pretty excited about getting out with my boys, nephews, and their wives/girlfriends. My friend has been laughing at me, but, oh well, thanks to my teenage boys, I actually like Seether!  I wish my husband would go, but we can’t convince him.   


And, here we go with another potty training post. Sorry. But, it’s what’s going on at our house right now.

Last night, Munchkin was sitting on her potty chair, when all of a sudden, she flew up, spun around, looked in it, and started screeching, “EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  It’s POOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It’s Poop, Mama!!!  Eeeeeewww! Eeeeeww!!!!!!!!   Mama!!  Eeeewww”  and on and on. 

There was one small little round object in the bowl of her potty chair.   She was NOT getting back on that seat.  No amount of attempting to convince her that’s where it’s supposed to go, how good it was that it was there, asking her to sit back down, telling her to sit back down, or bribery would get her back on that seat!  It was Poop, by gosh!  And she was NOT sitting back down.  Eeeeeewww!!   She wouldn’t sit on the toilet to finish, either.  More exclamations of “Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!” 

I gave up and put a diaper on her.  How and why she doesn’t think that’s even grosser, I have no idea.  Maybe because she doesn’t really see it?  

Potty training, post 2

Actually, it’s been going pretty well!  Granted, I do ask her several times a day if she needs to go, but, she has gone on her own a few times.  She’s only wearing diapers at night, and if we’re going to be away from home for a long time.  I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to attempt that yet.  She has done quick trips to town, just to run a couple errands, and has stayed dry. Yay! 

But, still just peeing in potty.  That’s it. 

Limu update

I just happened to think that I haven’t given an update in weeks!  

I am very happy to say that I have only had one migraine since the one I posted about!  No more almost daily migraines!!! 

Eczema is pretty cleared up completely! 

I have also been sleeping much better, instead of laying in bed for hours, waiting and wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep, I am now asleep within minutes!  It feels pretty amazing to me!