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I will never buy another Singer sewing machine!!!!!!!!

For Christmas last year, my husband got me a new singer sewing machine. My old singer had finally kicked the bucket.  Actually, I had been having problems with it for quite a while, but, it was an easy fix, just irritating – the bobbin would pop out of place.  It had been getting worse, and to the point of being lucky to finish a seam before I’d have to fix it again.

I found a singer for under $100. and asked him to get me that one. I don’t sew a lot, just personal use.  Instead, he did some looking and upgraded from the one I found.  This one was labeled as “heavy duty!”  It also claims to have an “easy 1 step buttonhole!”  Easy, my a$$!!!!!!!  I have yet to get it to make a decent buttonhole!!!  And heavy duty?  No WAY!!!!  Get a couple layers of cotton, in with a layer of ruffle, and it doesn’t go over it very easily, I wouldn’t dare try denim on it, like the ad said!

It didn’t take too long to start having problems. The bobbin pops out of place and jams everything up.  Everything I have found says to take a brush and clean it.  I do that.  You have to unscrew two little screws to open it up to get to the bobbin case, because believe me, you can’t just clean the area where you drop the bobbin!   It is getting to the point of ridiculous!!!  I am working on a dress for munchkin, and a matching one for her baby doll.  I am now on the 4th time of it messing up and jamming completely!!!!!  I have only had it 8 months!!

I love to sew!

I think I have always known how to sew.  I don’t remember exactly when I learned.  My Mom taught me, she sewed a lot, made some clothing, even did upholstery and made custom drapes for others.  My older sisters also taught me.  I had home ec, but already knew how by then — the teacher’s steps frustrated me!  I made a ton of clothes when the older kids were little, even did a lot for others.  Then, I got burnt out, and hadn’t sewn for years.  Now I’m sewing again, and find it relaxing in the evenings to make things for the munchkin and her baby doll. She gets really excited when she sees that her baby has a matching dress. I’m not going to let myself get talked into things for others and get burnt out again.  I’m in a sew along group on facebook.  Last month’s was fun, this month would be funner if I didn’t have so much other stuff going on.  I need to step back, and remind myself that it’s supposed to be fun, and quit worrying about it, if a certain days steps don’t get done on that day, Oh, Well!! 

The oldest boy got upset with me again on Friday.  I went grocery shopping, and couldn’t take him.  It was one of those “We are out of EVERYTHING” trips that took several hours, and I knew it was going to.  I told him I’d take him the next day, and we’d go wherever he wanted, and we could take munchkin to the park to ride the carousel, and he agreed.  Yesterday, was a different story.  He didn’t want to go anywhere, and just kept saying he wanted to go the day before so he could help me.  I cannot push both his chair and the cart, and keep up with the 2 year old, not when the cart is going to be as full as I can get it!  And, I knew the trip was going to take several hours, so therefore, longer than what he’d be able to use his walker for the whole time.  (Selfish moment – not to mention he walks very very very slowly)  I will ask him several times again today, and try to get him to go somewhere.  Sooner or later, he’ll get tired of listening to me, and agree to go!  hahahaha