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Fun afternoon

Working with my best friend on goodies for my Amazing Posh Angels team! You should join us!!


January posh summery


Omgoodness!!!! My Amazing Posh Angels team had 9 promotions!! Including a lady who double promoted!!!!!! We added 9 new team members, and had 2 earn Monthly Award!!! Plus, had total team sales of nearly $13,000. I am so incredibly PROUD of us!!!!!!!! 

Personally, I earned the Monthly Award, and Incentive Pink Plus 1!

What a way to start 2017!!! I cannot wait to see how the rest of the year goes!

Perfectly Posh starter kits

Ok, so I don’t know exactly what products are in the new starter kits yet, but, I got news today about them, and I’m so excited!!! The actual products will be revealed during Posh night on Feb. 3, when the New catalog is revealed.

The new kits are designed to help you get your business up and running faster and easier with less confusion, and a whole lot less ‘where do I even begin?’ Like I had when I started. 

Did you know 82% of women who make $100,000 + do so from a home based business? I would Love to help you get started with your own Posh biz! I cannot do the work for you, but, I can advise and guide you, and my team is simply incredible! Starting my Posh biz was one of my best decisions ever! I actually started to get the products in the kit and the discount for myself, but, I have gained self confidence, and learned that my true passion is helping others to achieve their goals. I am loving life! 

Contact me for more info, or go to trishaposh.com and click join, and I’ll contact you! 

Making Plans

In a couple of months, Perfectly Posh will be holding Day Aways at various locations around the country. The last time I got to go to one, it was so much fun! I learned a ton, and had 1 of my Amazing Posh Angels there with me. 

This time, I will have several of my Amazing Posh Angels there with me!’i cannot wait!

I met with one today. We discussed making ‘Care kits’ for everyone going who wants one – a team t-shirt, bag, notebook, pen, water tumbler, snacks, etc. Everything we can think of that will come in handy that day. 

I asked on my team page, and am overwhelmed by the response of all who want one. I seriously have tears when I see my team all wearing t-shirts with our team name and logo on them. 

This is all just so cool! I cannot believe I am leading a team as large as I am! I am loving helping others to achieve their goals and build their businesses. It is like a dream.

Check out the adorable jacket and camera bag one of my Angels made for Munchkin! 

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​Surprise!!!!! Awards mail from Perfectly Posh!!!

It’s so fun working with a company that not only offers  tons of Free trainings,  rewards you for doing it, And keeps track of all the requirements you’ve completed for you! I had seriously moved on to another course that my Platinum Premier wanted me to take, and completely forgot about doing the rest of the requirements for this academy, I just continued working my business, I’m doing so, the rest of the requirements were finished way before the deadline for completion!

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