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Laundry, always Laundry

My husband found me in the laundry room yesterday evening, on my 7th load for the day. He asked what I was doing, and I told him, “Laundry! That’s all I ever do!”

I got washer/dryer going again, came out and went back to the dress I’m sewing. He looked over, started laughing and said, “You do realize you’re just making more laundry, don’t you?”

Do you want to build a dress now? Halloween is getting near………

So, after weeks of asking Munchkin what she wants to be for Halloween, and her saying, “I’m Munchkin”, Daddy and I decided to just put her in a pretty dress, let her wear a crown and go.  I started working on a “Belle” dress. Top is finished, just need to do the skirt.

Thursday night, she decided she wants to join in with the majority of little girls in America and be Elsa!  Of course, there was no Elsa costume to be found, so what am I working on now?  That’s right, an Elsa dress.  And, I have all those songs stuck in my head now, just not with the correct words…  “Let me sew, Let me sew……… I’m running out of time now”

I have never seen her so excited over anything I’ve made her. And she does get excited over her new clothes, just not this much! I got the knit parts of the bodice cut out last night. (Finally, after not being able to find my pins after the cleaning I did before the Oldest’s birthday party!  I cleared the dining room table off, but didn’t actually put my sewing stuff away, because I was in the middle of projects, I just stashed things out of sight, yet easy to get back out after the party.  My husband ended up going and getting some straight pins he had in his shop!)

Tonight, I started to spread the blue satin on the table to cut.  She pulled up a chair, yelling, “Elsa! Elsa!  It’s my dress!!!!”  Then, proceeded to start handing me things. (While I’m still trying to get the fabric flat and straight.)  “Here, Mom! You need skissors!  You need Pins!!  You need measure!!!  You need this thing!!  You need your cutter!”  She was entirely too much help.  Finally got started cutting, gave her a few scraps, and she was happy to go play with her “Elsa scraps.”

It is going together so much easier than I expected!  Skirt is finished.  Front bodice is finished!  Back satin bodice piece is shirred!  Just have to put back bodice pieces to front piece, add sleeves, attach to skirt and decorate!   Oh!!  And do the cape. I completely forgot the cape!  I’ve even had that fabric just for when I decided to make this dress for about 2 months now.

The reason I looked for an already made costume, even though I’ve been planning on making this dress at some point is that I am really dreading doing all this work and it being destroyed while out trick or treating.  The cape will be detachable, though.  And I’m betting it will end up being detached.