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Is this day over yet?

Today has felt like several days rolled into one. Very long, very busy, but really don’t feel like I have actually accomplished anything but cleaning up pee. All day. Munchkin managed to go through every pair of panties she has. This morning, I thought, ‘yay! I don’t have to wash the oldest’s bedding!’ But, then, he took a nap this afternoon. And our stupid male dogs have recently started marking territory in the house! This new development with them is really ticking me off!
On the lighter side, munchkin is so silly!  Today, she came up to me and informed me that she wants to try on the glass slipper. She hasn’t watched Cinderella in a few days. A few days ago, she asked the oldest’s girlfriend for milk ‘with chocolate and strawberry’ then, got upset because she used a spoon to stir it. Munchkin likes her milk shaken, not stirred!
Here’s some shots from today that I liked.

Well, I was going to post some photos, but, they won’t upload!  Maybe tomorrow. 🙂


And, here we go with another potty training post. Sorry. But, it’s what’s going on at our house right now.

Last night, Munchkin was sitting on her potty chair, when all of a sudden, she flew up, spun around, looked in it, and started screeching, “EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  It’s POOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It’s Poop, Mama!!!  Eeeeeewww! Eeeeeww!!!!!!!!   Mama!!  Eeeewww”  and on and on. 

There was one small little round object in the bowl of her potty chair.   She was NOT getting back on that seat.  No amount of attempting to convince her that’s where it’s supposed to go, how good it was that it was there, asking her to sit back down, telling her to sit back down, or bribery would get her back on that seat!  It was Poop, by gosh!  And she was NOT sitting back down.  Eeeeeewww!!   She wouldn’t sit on the toilet to finish, either.  More exclamations of “Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!” 

I gave up and put a diaper on her.  How and why she doesn’t think that’s even grosser, I have no idea.  Maybe because she doesn’t really see it?  

Potty training, post 2

Actually, it’s been going pretty well!  Granted, I do ask her several times a day if she needs to go, but, she has gone on her own a few times.  She’s only wearing diapers at night, and if we’re going to be away from home for a long time.  I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to attempt that yet.  She has done quick trips to town, just to run a couple errands, and has stayed dry. Yay! 

But, still just peeing in potty.  That’s it. 

Potty Training

I greatly dislike potty training!  But, not as much as I’m disliking buying diapers every week or two.

Problem is, Munchkin LOVES her diapers.  Seriously.  I have never seen a child throw a fit for diapers like she does.  She actually gets excited when I put a package into the shopping cart, you’d think she was getting a new toy! And, it doesn’t help that they have Mickey Mouse on them.  I know, simple solution would be to change brands, but she gets a rash with the other brands that we have tried.

So, we’ve played at potty training for several months now.  I ask her daily if she wants her pretty new panties, occasionally she says “Yes.”  but, after 2 accidents, she’ll cry and cry for a diaper, she’ll even climb on her changing table and try to put it on herself. 

This week, I’m getting serious about it.  She’s been getting panties on first thing in the morning, and no diapers until night time.  It has honestly been a fight each morning to get her to put panties on, she screams and kicks, I remind her that she doesn’t like being called a baby, and diapers are for babies, and I hold her feet down and put them on her.  She’d actually been doing pretty good!  She’s even been waking up from naps still dry!  We have even made a quick run to the store and she stayed dry.  2 days and only 1 accident!

Today, not so great.  She has gone through several pairs, peed on several things, including my lap, and 2 “messy” accidents. 

Tomorrow will be better!!  (I hope!)