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Limu update

I just happened to think that I haven’t given an update in weeks!  

I am very happy to say that I have only had one migraine since the one I posted about!  No more almost daily migraines!!! 

Eczema is pretty cleared up completely! 

I have also been sleeping much better, instead of laying in bed for hours, waiting and wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep, I am now asleep within minutes!  It feels pretty amazing to me!

1 week on Limu

I have to report that my eczema is already showing major signs of improvement! It’s not completely cleared up, but it hasn’t been itchy in a few days, and is looking so much better, well on it’s way to clearing up.
No real changes in migraines this week, it has been a stressful week.
My husband said he can’t really give a report on his everyday aches and pains, too soon to tell, plus, he tried to combine gymnastics with dirt bike riding last weekend, so he’s dealing with some out of the ordinary soreness.

Limu diary

I am experiencing the visual problems I get before a migraine, squiggly lit up lines. Not unusual for me, there are weeks that this happens daily. This is the first time this week. Only writing about it because I want to try to keep am accurate record of my limu experience, and migraines is one of the things I’m hoping will reduce frequency.

Day 1

OK, let’s see how long this project actually lasts.  I can guarantee it will be sporadic postings. 🙂

Today, we received our first bottles of Limu!  I am hoping that we get the same great results that my friends who are already taking it are getting.  I NEED energy!!  Oh, and better sleep, less migraines, and allergy relief would also be nice.  The Love of My Life is hoping it will help with his joint pain and general aches and pain.

Today has been very stressful, photo orders not uploading correctly, major headache, just a bleck day.

And now, my sit down time is up, and I must go pick up Son #3 from Art Camp.