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Getting ready for Christmas!

I love decorating!!!

Actually,  I don’t really like all the work.  It’s a pain in the booty! 

But, I do love the way my house looks when it’s finished!

We’re almost finished! Just have a few wall hangings and finishing touches left.  

Oh, and need to finish packing and storing Halloween decorations that are stashed in a corner! I keep forgetting about that corner….

Quick catch up

Life’s been pretty busy, plus, having some difficulties with my oldest son, several Dr visits, and I can’t leave him for long. 

Munchkin went to a week of VBS, absolutely loved it, but, by the end of the week, she was pretty worn out. So tired that by Sunday, she cried and ended up staying in pj’s all day.

We did have fun at a couple local 4th of July celebrations, Munchkin even won the sack race!

I had a incredible June with my Perfectly Posh business!! I missed promotion to Pink Plus 3 by only $32 in team volume! I had all other requiremerequirement surpassed! This graphic shows my team’s June summery:

So, needless to say, still Loving my little business! If you’d like to order, or even join my team, go to trishaposh.com 🙂

Here’s to a Happy 2016


My kids at Christmas! Missing oldest daughter, and oldest son’s girlfriend.
We agreed tonight to get an actual family portrait with ALL of us. Except the oldest’s girlfriend is not cooperating, she’s started a get in shape routine, and wants some time. I say we do it now, while the oldest daughter is here, then, we can do again during the summer, when we can get outside and take some fun portraits.
Wish me luck!

Happy Easter

I know, I’m a day late.
And, I haven’t been blogging lately. It’s been crazy busy around here, and I just haven’t known what to say.


Munchkin had so much fun this weekend! She couldn’t get enough egg hunting! Here she is setting her eggs out so she could pick them up again.