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It’s Here!!!


Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I cannot believe how fast this was delivered!! Ordered it Monday morning, at my house Thursday afternoon!!!!  UPS man actually said he was jealous, he has one, but, this one is a better model!  And, he had to pay for his! Ha ha!
Munchkin is going crazy wanting to go camping NOW! Although, she did think of something that has her very concerned – ‘where will we go to the bathroom???’
I’ve got to get out to the shop and find the rest of our equipment, clean and check it all out, see what needs replaced. It’s been 6 or 7 years since we’ve been camping.

Too excited

Perfectly Posh gives their consultants Posh Points each month based on different accomplishments. These points are used for non-posh items.  This morning, I ordered this completely free to me!!!


It’s a Coleman deluxe packaway kitchen!!  We wanted one several years ago, but, then, between my son’s accident and our new baby, we haven’t been going camping, so all talk about getting one stopped.
I am way too excited about ordering this silly thing!!! I think my excitement is not just for this kitchen, it’s that some of our prior life will be coming back. I mean, really, how can we not go try this thing out when it gets here??
And, Bonus!! It was Free!!!!!!!! 🙂