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There is such a thing as too much Axe

Yesterday, a fog of Axe hit the kitchen, followed by our 15yo son. Dad told him that he doesn’t taste very good, then said something to Portia about it, I really don’t know what he said, I wasn’t paying much attention.

A few minutes later, Munchkin was in the bathroom, stripping and crying, “I Need a Bath!!!  I have Taste all over me!!!!  I Need a Bath Now!!!!!!!  Taste is all over me!!!!!!!!!”

It’s pretty bad when other people in the room feel the need to wash the smell off of them.

Do you want to build a dress now? Halloween is getting near………

So, after weeks of asking Munchkin what she wants to be for Halloween, and her saying, “I’m Munchkin”, Daddy and I decided to just put her in a pretty dress, let her wear a crown and go.  I started working on a “Belle” dress. Top is finished, just need to do the skirt.

Thursday night, she decided she wants to join in with the majority of little girls in America and be Elsa!  Of course, there was no Elsa costume to be found, so what am I working on now?  That’s right, an Elsa dress.  And, I have all those songs stuck in my head now, just not with the correct words…  “Let me sew, Let me sew……… I’m running out of time now”

I have never seen her so excited over anything I’ve made her. And she does get excited over her new clothes, just not this much! I got the knit parts of the bodice cut out last night. (Finally, after not being able to find my pins after the cleaning I did before the Oldest’s birthday party!  I cleared the dining room table off, but didn’t actually put my sewing stuff away, because I was in the middle of projects, I just stashed things out of sight, yet easy to get back out after the party.  My husband ended up going and getting some straight pins he had in his shop!)

Tonight, I started to spread the blue satin on the table to cut.  She pulled up a chair, yelling, “Elsa! Elsa!  It’s my dress!!!!”  Then, proceeded to start handing me things. (While I’m still trying to get the fabric flat and straight.)  “Here, Mom! You need skissors!  You need Pins!!  You need measure!!!  You need this thing!!  You need your cutter!”  She was entirely too much help.  Finally got started cutting, gave her a few scraps, and she was happy to go play with her “Elsa scraps.”

It is going together so much easier than I expected!  Skirt is finished.  Front bodice is finished!  Back satin bodice piece is shirred!  Just have to put back bodice pieces to front piece, add sleeves, attach to skirt and decorate!   Oh!!  And do the cape. I completely forgot the cape!  I’ve even had that fabric just for when I decided to make this dress for about 2 months now.

The reason I looked for an already made costume, even though I’ve been planning on making this dress at some point is that I am really dreading doing all this work and it being destroyed while out trick or treating.  The cape will be detachable, though.  And I’m betting it will end up being detached.

Grumpiness is getting contagious around here!

Exciting news for me – I got several new props and a back light this week!  I’m actually excited to do an indoor session, and usually, I like outdoor sessions so much better.  And, I had sessions all weekend, now busy editing this week.

Other than that,  it’s one of those days that I’m ready to throw in the towel.  My house is a wreck, laundry is piled high, Munchkin is constantly making huge messes, I need to hem a dress, family room needs rearranged to fit in the treadmill, and the oldest is having one of his very disagreeable, grumpy, won’t say what’s wrong weeks. And believe me, he’s grumpy. And making life difficult.

Yesterday, I fixed sandwiches for lunch, had his started, and he said he didn’t want it. So, I ate a sandwich made with stuff I didn’t want.  He couldn’t decide what he wanted, offered a sandwich a few more times, among other things  I was going to a studio to buy props with my sister, and I told him I’d pick up something for him.  Then he griped because I put up the sandwich stuff before he got one.  Reminded him he didn’t want a sandwich, and I’d pick whatever he wanted up.  He didn’t know what, so I told him I’d call before we headed home.

We’re ready to head home, I call, he still doesn’t know what he wants, and gripes again that I put the sandwich stuff away.  I reminded him he said he didn’t want a sandwich, I ended up eating one that wasn’t made the way I wanted, and if he wanted a sandwich, it only takes a couple minutes to get stuff back out and make one, all he has to do is tell his younger brother. He doesn’t want a sandwich. He doesn’t want anything in the town I’m in, so I tell him I’m going through the town we live close to, and I’ll pick him up a piece of pizza if he wants. He asks if I can get him a chicken salad sandwich. Sure!  No problem!!  He actually sounded happy for the first time all day!!!!

We get one mile out of town and I got a text. “I don’t want chicken salad now.”


Today has pretty much been the same way.  He refuses to get on the treadmill or do anything I ask. He just mopes around, being grumpy, and not wanting anything that is cooked, he wants something else.

And right now, Munchkin is being whiny and clingy.  Wants to watch her princess movie, but won’t go watch it, claiming her brother shut it off. I can hear it playing in the other room.

I really think I’m just going to fix myself a margarita.


I am addicted to Pinterest.  Seriously.  I have boards for almost everything, and have even had to split up some boards to make them more manageable – “recipes” has 2 spin-offs so far, “recipes that have passed the test” and “Sweet stuff to try.”  No, wait, I forgot about “What a Crock” for crockpot recipes!

I was really bad about just randomly pinning things.  Who am I kidding? I still am, but, I am making a conscious effort to actually attempt to do what I’m pinning.  Well, at least most of it.  Maybe some of it?

So, having said that, here’s what Munchkin and I did today with finger paints!  🙂DSC_2604 DSC_2614

Sometimes, when trying to get a 2 year old to cooperate, you have to reword your directions, and speak very clearly!!

“Show me your pictures!”


“Turn them around”


“No, turn the Pictures around, Show me your pictures!”


“Yeah, that’ll work.” 🙂

An overwhelming day

This morning has been overload!!!! 

Oldest is being difficult, has decided he doesn’t want to go to the concert (expected)  he’s being grumpy, and has even broken up with his girlfriend. (happens often when he’s in this mood!  She’s a saint for putting up with it!)

14 yo has been a fight to get out of bed, and stay awake to do his school work and chores.  He keeps falling asleep while reading, then arguing with me, telling me he wasn’t sleeping.  I’m sorry, I just stood there watching you for several minutes with your eyes closed, and no page turning going on, you even jumped when I said something!!

Munchkin has been peeing all over the house!  She’s done so good staying dry all week, but this morning, she’s gone through 4 pair of panties in 2 hours.

I have tons of editing to finish, like always.  At some point, I really need to get some groceries in this house, laundry is piled sky high, and I have mentioned I’m sick this week?  Kidney infection, my back and hips are killing me!!!

But, you know what? You suck it up, buttercup!  Some things just have to be done, whether you “feel” like it or not. It’s called responsibility, and being an adult.  Remember, there are always things to be thankful for, and if you look, you can always find reasons to laugh, or at least smile!  Life is what YOU make of it, even on the bad days!  You have the choice to sit back on your pity pot, or shake it all off and move on!  I am choosing to put a smile on my face, thank God that we have all these clothes, even if they do need to be washed, at least I have a washer and dryer!  Yes, my boys that are home today have horrible attitudes, but, they are home, alive and well!!  And, their bad moods will pass.  And, sooner or later, things will “click” with the munchkin, and she will use the bathroom all the time, and the time potty training is no time at all when compared to an entire lifetime. 🙂


And, here we go with another potty training post. Sorry. But, it’s what’s going on at our house right now.

Last night, Munchkin was sitting on her potty chair, when all of a sudden, she flew up, spun around, looked in it, and started screeching, “EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  It’s POOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It’s Poop, Mama!!!  Eeeeeewww! Eeeeeww!!!!!!!!   Mama!!  Eeeewww”  and on and on. 

There was one small little round object in the bowl of her potty chair.   She was NOT getting back on that seat.  No amount of attempting to convince her that’s where it’s supposed to go, how good it was that it was there, asking her to sit back down, telling her to sit back down, or bribery would get her back on that seat!  It was Poop, by gosh!  And she was NOT sitting back down.  Eeeeeewww!!   She wouldn’t sit on the toilet to finish, either.  More exclamations of “Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!” 

I gave up and put a diaper on her.  How and why she doesn’t think that’s even grosser, I have no idea.  Maybe because she doesn’t really see it?  

Potty training, post 2

Actually, it’s been going pretty well!  Granted, I do ask her several times a day if she needs to go, but, she has gone on her own a few times.  She’s only wearing diapers at night, and if we’re going to be away from home for a long time.  I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to attempt that yet.  She has done quick trips to town, just to run a couple errands, and has stayed dry. Yay! 

But, still just peeing in potty.  That’s it. 

What a baby sister does to grown brothers.

 I was asked to tell someone this today.  Here is my longer version.

First thing it did was cause the then 16yo and 19yo to lay all blame squarely on dear old Dad. “This is ALL YOUR FAULT!!”  (said in a demonic voice)  “Geez, Dad!  You’re worse than my dog!!” The then 11 yo was just plain excited from the start.

Then, we found out “It’s A Girl!”  and that caused them all to start thinking and arguing over girl names, and pointing out cute frilly outfits.

During this time, the 19yo had a birthday, then his wreck.

Baby sister was then incentive to get out of the hospitals and back home before she was born. It was also talking to therapists about all the things he wanted to teach her. 

After she was born, she turned those tough boys into big softies.  They all held and snuggled her as much as they could, and did crazy things just to get her to smile and laugh.

Now, she’s 2. The Ruler of the Roost.  She has turned them and their girlfriends into her minions, willing to do almost anything she demands. They will hold and rock baby dolls. They will pretend to take a stuffed puppy for a walk. They will sit still while she “fixes” their hair because “It’s a Mess!” They still do all kinds of crazy things to get her to laugh and smile. They will watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse nearly all day long, even if she’s not watching the tv, because they know that if she so much as glances, and it’s not Mickey, she Will YELL!

One thing they will not do is change diapers.





Potty Training

I greatly dislike potty training!  But, not as much as I’m disliking buying diapers every week or two.

Problem is, Munchkin LOVES her diapers.  Seriously.  I have never seen a child throw a fit for diapers like she does.  She actually gets excited when I put a package into the shopping cart, you’d think she was getting a new toy! And, it doesn’t help that they have Mickey Mouse on them.  I know, simple solution would be to change brands, but she gets a rash with the other brands that we have tried.

So, we’ve played at potty training for several months now.  I ask her daily if she wants her pretty new panties, occasionally she says “Yes.”  but, after 2 accidents, she’ll cry and cry for a diaper, she’ll even climb on her changing table and try to put it on herself. 

This week, I’m getting serious about it.  She’s been getting panties on first thing in the morning, and no diapers until night time.  It has honestly been a fight each morning to get her to put panties on, she screams and kicks, I remind her that she doesn’t like being called a baby, and diapers are for babies, and I hold her feet down and put them on her.  She’d actually been doing pretty good!  She’s even been waking up from naps still dry!  We have even made a quick run to the store and she stayed dry.  2 days and only 1 accident!

Today, not so great.  She has gone through several pairs, peed on several things, including my lap, and 2 “messy” accidents. 

Tomorrow will be better!!  (I hope!)