Munchkin found something! 

Can you spot it?

Maybe this will make it easier for you find…


Another step towards a Better Me!

Ok, so, here it is. 

I am tired of always being tired and out of shape. I am taking charge of my health and my family’s. My husband and oldest son are already taking crappy otc daily vitamins, I want to switch them over to something that their bodies will actually absorb and do good for them. 

I am not looking at this as a miracle pill, just one step in my journey to better health. 

Since we have so many in our house that’ll be using this, I will be signing up with Juice Plus. 

I really really need at least 2 people to order the trio to help better your health with me! 

I am also looking at a couple different fitness programs, I know I need to get back to regular exercise. 

And, I know. I really need to quit smoking. I can say that I have been watching the clock, and have greatly reduced my smoking by doing so. 

And, no. I am definitely not quitting Posh! 

Working on Summer Bucket List

Have you ever made a Summer Bucket list with your little ones? If not, do it!! 

It was actually eye opening – I was expecting trips here there and everywhere, and instead, it was mostly simple things – catch fireflies, look at clouds.  Definite reminder that it’s Time, not money spent, that makes the most memories and is wanted. 

So, I have been working in the mornings and at night, so we can go make memories and work on this list in the afternoons. 

I hope everyone is taking time to make some good memories this summer! 


Have you ever had a month that you set a huge, crazy goal, but, didn’t really think it would happen?

I did this month. 

And, holy cow!!! It looks like it’s going to happen!!

My uplines are positive I’m going to promote to Premier!! I only need a little more in team sales, every other requirement has been far surpassed! 

Help me reach my goal! My team and I are so close! Every little bit helps! 

If you’d like to order, go to 

Or, Hey! Join my Amazing Posh Angels team, and we’ll help you start smashing your goals!