Life is good

Really don’t have anything to say, just trying to get into habit of posting here consistently.  

Had my coffee on the front porch this morning, it was so nice out!

Got some laundry done, but, most of the day was spent out on the front porch, just relaxing and enjoying family time. 

I miss my photography, and since oldest son is doing so much better, my husband and I decided it’s time to get that up and running again. So I did whip up a reopening special advertisement this afternoon.  

More laziness this evening,  but, I did open up my planner and have part of the upcoming week wrote down.  


Another step towards a Better Me!

Ok, so, here it is. 

I am tired of always being tired and out of shape. I am taking charge of my health and my family’s. My husband and oldest son are already taking crappy otc daily vitamins, I want to switch them over to something that their bodies will actually absorb and do good for them. 

I am not looking at this as a miracle pill, just one step in my journey to better health. 

Since we have so many in our house that’ll be using this, I will be signing up with Juice Plus. 

I really really need at least 2 people to order the trio to help better your health with me! 

I am also looking at a couple different fitness programs, I know I need to get back to regular exercise. 

And, I know. I really need to quit smoking. I can say that I have been watching the clock, and have greatly reduced my smoking by doing so. 

And, no. I am definitely not quitting Posh! 

Working on Summer Bucket List

Have you ever made a Summer Bucket list with your little ones? If not, do it!! 

It was actually eye opening – I was expecting trips here there and everywhere, and instead, it was mostly simple things – catch fireflies, look at clouds.  Definite reminder that it’s Time, not money spent, that makes the most memories and is wanted. 

So, I have been working in the mornings and at night, so we can go make memories and work on this list in the afternoons. 

I hope everyone is taking time to make some good memories this summer! 


Have you ever had a month that you set a huge, crazy goal, but, didn’t really think it would happen?

I did this month. 

And, holy cow!!! It looks like it’s going to happen!!

My uplines are positive I’m going to promote to Premier!! I only need a little more in team sales, every other requirement has been far surpassed! 

Help me reach my goal! My team and I are so close! Every little bit helps! 

If you’d like to order, go to 

Or, Hey! Join my Amazing Posh Angels team, and we’ll help you start smashing your goals!