Perfectly Posh starter kits

Ok, so I don’t know exactly what products are in the new starter kits yet, but, I got news today about them, and I’m so excited!!! The actual products will be revealed during Posh night on Feb. 3, when the New catalog is revealed.

The new kits are designed to help you get your business up and running faster and easier with less confusion, and a whole lot less ‘where do I even begin?’ Like I had when I started. 

Did you know 82% of women who make $100,000 + do so from a home based business? I would Love to help you get started with your own Posh biz! I cannot do the work for you, but, I can advise and guide you, and my team is simply incredible! Starting my Posh biz was one of my best decisions ever! I actually started to get the products in the kit and the discount for myself, but, I have gained self confidence, and learned that my true passion is helping others to achieve their goals. I am loving life! 

Contact me for more info, or go to and click join, and I’ll contact you! 


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