Monthly Archives: March 2016


Is anyone else having problems uploading a photo?? I’ve been trying to 2 days!! I’ve even deleted the draft and tried starting over. Any other suggestions? I think I may just give up on that one. It’s not even a great picture, just a silly shot because Munchkin said, ‘take a picture!’

Social security

Social security has decided it’s time to review my son’s case. I’ve already filled out one packet of forms and returned those last week, only to get two more thick packets this week. Nothing more depressing than having to relive things, to have to write down what all he could do before the accident and what all he can no longer do. How active he was before compared to now. How he had friends he saw daily before, to now, barely seeing or even hearing from anyone for months on end.
I really hate this.

Month 4 as a Perfectly Posh consultant

Omposh!!! This has been on of the Best decisions of my life!!!! I cannot believe how well this little venture of mine has taken off, and how much FUN I’ve been having!!!
I hit all the company props – 15, 30, 60, &90 days!! I’ve gotten the Monthly award 2 months in a row – 1 more by July, & I’ll get $500 bonus!!!  My sales are incredible, and I’m NOT a salesperson!! I actually pay someone else to handle the sales for my photography business!!
I am also leading a team of 7 amazing women! 
Some of us went to Dallas this week, for day away. So.Much.FUN!!!!!!
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