Shopping for Valentine’s Day

OK, I think I can write about this now.

My oldest wanted to buy his girlfriend a gift for Valentine’s day, (imagine that! haha)  so, I took him shopping on Friday.  He didn’t have a lot that he could spend, but, it wasn’t too awful of an amount.  He insisted on going downtown to a jewelry store.  I warned him that there wouldn’t be a lot he could buy there with the amount he had, but, I did think that maybe he would find a necklace or bracelet.  Instead, what we found was the most condescending bitch!  (OK, apparently I’m still pissed,)

She overlooked him, even though he was the one looking in the cases, and asked me if there was anything she could show me.  I told her that he was the one shopping for his girlfriend.  She then spoke to him like he was a child. (My oldest son is 23!!!)  He told her the price range, she said she thought they might have 1 thing, and brought over a very ugly bracelet. The disappointment in his face was unmistakable. She also kept standing behind his chair and Winking at me!!!!!  I started telling him that if he did not like that, he did NOT have to buy it.  She never did show him anything else, even though I saw a several necklaces in his price range. She just kept talking to him like he was a child, and that was the only thing he could possibly buy from that store. And winking at me! I finally convinced him that we should go and look some more, and if he didn’t find anything else, we could come back and get that. (Yeah, right)  She said her goodbyes and “come back anytime, we will be open tomorrow”, went back over to her group of co-workers and back to talking with them.  Not even an offer of help with the door.

So, there I was, with rambunctious Munchkin, pushing  the oldest’s chair, and trying to maneuver the door which was barely wide enough to get his chair through plus, opened it out. Not that I expect help from anyone, but, usually people offer to help with doors. I will not be back through those doors!!

And, I have news for her – she better appreciate the life she has, because it can change in an instant, just like ours did!  I have no idea how much she makes, but, I would be willing to bet that my son made more than she does. He hasn’t always had to be careful on how much he spends.  And, she shouldn’t treat people like they don’t matter just because they are in a wheelchair and don’t have several hundreds of dollars to spend, you never know when circumstances are going to change. She was talking to him and acting like he was a first grader with his first girlfriend.

And , why the hell did she keep winking at me???

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