Food will bring them home.

My sister has gone on vacation in Hawaii.  While she’s gone, she had asked our 2nd son to house/dog sit for her. Of course, he jumped on the chance. He packed up his ps3 and off he went.

Dad and I thought this would be somewhat of a “trial run” to him getting his own house and moving out.

Yesterday was a holiday, so my son had the day off work.  None of us heard from him all day. Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised by that.  But, about 5 – 5:30, I did get my usual text from him. “What’s for supper?”

Really wasn’t too surprised, but, here at the house, we all laughed.

3 thoughts on “Food will bring them home.

    1. I really thought it’d be about Wednesday before he’d show up for supper, figured he’d raid his aunt’s freezer for a couple days first. LOL


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