I Love my job!!

It was another beautiful day yesterday! Warm, sunny, and the wind wasn’t even bad!  And,  I had a senior session with a sweet girl who was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I had to tease her at the start, pointed out that she has tagged along in 2 or 3 other sessions, and it was finally her turn!  Her response was that she got to pick on the subjects of the other sessions, and that was a lot more fun! (I actually have to agree with her on that – I Hate being in front of the camera!!) I am happy to say that part way through her session, she loosened up, and I think she actually started enjoying herself.  She started suggesting/asking if we could do some other things including asking if we could go to another location when her mom and I thought we were finished!

It felt so good to be back out with the camera again!  This is really a slow time of year session wise.  Most of my work for the past few months has been in front of the computer.  Definitely not my favorite part of my job, but, can’t get away from it.  People expect their photos to be edited, and I have several clients who like collages, cards, etc.

And now, I’ve got to get to work editing. For someone who kept saying she hates getting her picture taken, we managed to fill both of the memory cards in my camera!

Although, it’s another nice day. I think munchkin and I will play hookie again after lunch. Take advantage of nice weather while we can, it’s supposed to get cold and icky again tomorrow.

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