I am addicted to Pinterest.  Seriously.  I have boards for almost everything, and have even had to split up some boards to make them more manageable – “recipes” has 2 spin-offs so far, “recipes that have passed the test” and “Sweet stuff to try.”  No, wait, I forgot about “What a Crock” for crockpot recipes!

I was really bad about just randomly pinning things.  Who am I kidding? I still am, but, I am making a conscious effort to actually attempt to do what I’m pinning.  Well, at least most of it.  Maybe some of it?

So, having said that, here’s what Munchkin and I did today with finger paints!  🙂DSC_2604 DSC_2614

Sometimes, when trying to get a 2 year old to cooperate, you have to reword your directions, and speak very clearly!!

“Show me your pictures!”


“Turn them around”


“No, turn the Pictures around, Show me your pictures!”


“Yeah, that’ll work.” 🙂

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