That’s just Rude!

What gives people the “right” to go around asking personal questions that are really none of their business? Or, making comments on issues that are personal.  Do they seriously not think? Where have manners gone?

I am so tired of hearing “Are you finally going to put this one in school?”   I have been getting asked this question since I was pregnant!!!  Seriously, what business is it of anyone else’s??  You don’t catch me going around, asking people, “So, are you finally going to pull your child out of school?”  I don’t because it’s none of my business, not to mention, it is a PERSONAL decision that each family needs to make for themselves!!  Right now, I just want to scream, “SHE’s 2!!!!!!!!!  Let her be little!!” My friend really thinks that I should start replying, “Are you going to start home schooling?”

My husband is tired of hearing “She was an accident, wasn’t she?” That question was asked frequently while I was pregnant, but, yes, it is Still being asked.  Isn’t that something nice for her to grow up hearing? Isn’t anything “off-limits” these days?


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