Little ones are watching and learning

Munchkin got her first “real” tricyle today, she’s been so excited to “pedal, pedal, pedal!” as she’s been saying for several days now.

What somewhat surprised me is, at the store, she finally got her “bike” picked out and in the cart, then she went immediately to the helmets and started trying them all on.  It took her what felt like forever to pick out the helmet!  There were no questions, no debates, nothing, she just automatically knew that if she was getting a bike, she was also getting a helmet.  Daddy and big brother never ride their dirt bikes without helmets.  In her mind, you do not ride without a helmet.

I have to admit, and feel somewhat guilty about this, but, my 2 year old is smarter than I am.  Of course, the dirt bikes are not to be even turned on without a helmet on, but, she’s just getting a tricycle, even if she is calling it a bicycle and a her bike.  She’ll probably ride it in the house more than anywhere else, and definitely won’t be going at high speeds.  For some odd reason, I wasn’t even thinking of a helmet.  How could I, the mother of a recovering TBI survivor not think about a helmet???? Just because my son’s TBI was result of a car wreck, I know that it doesn’t have to be something huge and major to cause a TBI. A simple fall with a bad landing, even off of a trike, could have a horrible ending.

Needless to say, she got her helmet, a cute little purple one that came with “bling” that can be moved around into the several holes all over it.  She’s been putting it on all evening when she wants to get on her bike,  and I have been stopping whatever I’m doing to help her, this is a habit that needs to be reinforced, and she’s absolutely correct, it’s easiest to start right off the bat doing things the correct way than it will be to establish a new habit later on when she’s on a bigger bike.

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