Fun, relaxing day!

So, what’s more ironicly funny than someone forgetting to go to the Alzheimer’s walk that they signed up to do?  I don’t know, but, I’ve sure been having fun teasing my photography assistant about doing exactly that! (In her defense, she did end up babysitting for her sister-in-law on the day of the walk.)

We didn’t really do much of anything today.  My assistant/niece came out with 2 of her kids and visited most of the day.  All the boys and their girlfriends were here.  Just an all around nice day.

The Oldest’s girlfriend and I tried 2 new recipes off of pinterest today!  Both were keepers!  Ham & Cheese on Hawaiian rolls for lunch, then stuffed bell pepper casserole for dinner.

I think I may attempt making Middle Son’s girlfriend’s beauty dress for pageants.  I’m trying to talk myself into being brave and attempting to work with that scary type of fabric.

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