My boys and I have always loved going to concerts.  Last week, the oldest came in and started talking about an upcoming concerts he really wanted to go to, Dad really does not want to go, so I messaged a couple of his cousins, and worked it out for him to go. Middle son also wants to go with his girlfriend.  Youngest son started begging, he hasn’t been to a concert.  Dad said he’d keep Munchkin, and I could go, so now youngest can also go.  Oldest was very excited.

Now, here we are, 2 days before the concert, one of my nephew’s and his wife have gotten everyone’s tickets, and the oldest says he doesn’t want to go.

And, I am really not surprised by this.  I actually pretty much expected it.  It’s practically normal these days for him to want to do something, then change his mind several times.  I am expecting a difficult time getting him into the vehicle on Sunday.  But, I’m counting on my nephews to make it happen.  They’re pretty good at convincing him to get back with the plan, and, if nothing else, they’re big enough to threaten to just load him up in the car!  Like I said, it’s gotten pretty routine – want to go, change mind several times, fight to actually go, then have a great time when he gets to our destination, and ask why we don’t go out and do more often.

This also is not his first concert since his wreck, he’s been to a few others with his girlfriend and his brother.  It’s My first concert since his wreck/munchkin’s birth, I’m pretty excited about getting out with my boys, nephews, and their wives/girlfriends. My friend has been laughing at me, but, oh well, thanks to my teenage boys, I actually like Seether!  I wish my husband would go, but we can’t convince him.   

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