What a baby sister does to grown brothers.

 I was asked to tell someone this today.  Here is my longer version.

First thing it did was cause the then 16yo and 19yo to lay all blame squarely on dear old Dad. “This is ALL YOUR FAULT!!”  (said in a demonic voice)  “Geez, Dad!  You’re worse than my dog!!” The then 11 yo was just plain excited from the start.

Then, we found out “It’s A Girl!”  and that caused them all to start thinking and arguing over girl names, and pointing out cute frilly outfits.

During this time, the 19yo had a birthday, then his wreck.

Baby sister was then incentive to get out of the hospitals and back home before she was born. It was also talking to therapists about all the things he wanted to teach her. 

After she was born, she turned those tough boys into big softies.  They all held and snuggled her as much as they could, and did crazy things just to get her to smile and laugh.

Now, she’s 2. The Ruler of the Roost.  She has turned them and their girlfriends into her minions, willing to do almost anything she demands. They will hold and rock baby dolls. They will pretend to take a stuffed puppy for a walk. They will sit still while she “fixes” their hair because “It’s a Mess!” They still do all kinds of crazy things to get her to laugh and smile. They will watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse nearly all day long, even if she’s not watching the tv, because they know that if she so much as glances, and it’s not Mickey, she Will YELL!

One thing they will not do is change diapers.





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