Potty Training

I greatly dislike potty training!  But, not as much as I’m disliking buying diapers every week or two.

Problem is, Munchkin LOVES her diapers.  Seriously.  I have never seen a child throw a fit for diapers like she does.  She actually gets excited when I put a package into the shopping cart, you’d think she was getting a new toy! And, it doesn’t help that they have Mickey Mouse on them.  I know, simple solution would be to change brands, but she gets a rash with the other brands that we have tried.

So, we’ve played at potty training for several months now.  I ask her daily if she wants her pretty new panties, occasionally she says “Yes.”  but, after 2 accidents, she’ll cry and cry for a diaper, she’ll even climb on her changing table and try to put it on herself. 

This week, I’m getting serious about it.  She’s been getting panties on first thing in the morning, and no diapers until night time.  It has honestly been a fight each morning to get her to put panties on, she screams and kicks, I remind her that she doesn’t like being called a baby, and diapers are for babies, and I hold her feet down and put them on her.  She’d actually been doing pretty good!  She’s even been waking up from naps still dry!  We have even made a quick run to the store and she stayed dry.  2 days and only 1 accident!

Today, not so great.  She has gone through several pairs, peed on several things, including my lap, and 2 “messy” accidents. 

Tomorrow will be better!!  (I hope!)


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