I have been starting to notice that when I’m busy, or really focused on something, or trying to get ready for something coming up, my oldest son starts either needing more attention or goes into one of his depression slumps, or both.  It also tends to coincide with him skipping his meds for a day or two.  He refused them last night, and again this morning.  And, no. I don’t mean, I nicely said, “Want your medicine?”  him say, “No.”  to which I nicely say, “OK.”  That’s not how it went.  He claims he took them while his girlfriend was here, but, I don’t think he did every night.  Not the way he’s acting.

Munchkin has a pageant tomorrow.  And, he’s being difficult.  He wanted to go today and we’d stay at his girlfriend’s house tonight.  Yesterday, I told him that’s what we’d do.  And, immediately, he didn’t want to go, because she has to work tonight.  This morning, he says, “I don’t want to go unless I can stay until Monday.” No.  He cannot stay until Monday. She has to work each night, and I can’t stay.  It’s not happening.

Then he decides he doesn’t want his gmail account.  I told him to just ignore he has it, it has something to do with his phone contacts and apps and stuff.  “I don’t even want my phone.”  was his answer.  A little bit later, he comes in, looking at his contacts on his phone, and informing me that it does not have anything to do with it.  Yes. It does. It’s to sign into his google account, that saves his contacts, apps, etc.  and make it so he’s able to get different apps. 

I don’t have time for the arguments.  I have to work, and still have a little bit left to do on munchkin’s outfit for tomorrow!!!!  Middle son’s girlfriend is also going to be in tomorrow’s pageant.  It’s her first one, and she’s been so excited!  We have all of her stuff ready to go, now to finish stoning munchkin’s, and make an anklet.  Oh, also need to figure out what she’s going to wear for crowning. But now, I must go wash his bedding. Again.

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