Today will get better!

The Munchkin decided to get up very early this morning.  Much earlier than she ever gets up!! (Unless we’re going to a pageant!)  Daddy had just gotten up, and she decided she needed Daddy, so out of bed we go. At 6:30.

We get out to the kitchen, coffee wasn’t even started yet!!  So, I went to make coffee. And stuck to the floor.  I think it was jelly completely covering the kitchen floor.  So, I grab closest cleaner, and start spraying and scrubbing so I can get to the coffee pot.  Yes. Coffee was really all that was on my mind! Daddy came out of the bathroom, and he wasn’t happy.  It turns out the oldest had stayed up all night. Again.  Dad found him just a little while ago, sitting on the wood floor, in front of his wheelchair, beside his bed, in a pool of pee. The oldest showed up while I was scrubbing.  I asked him what was all over the floor, and he doesn’t remember.  It’s all over his leg, too.  I could tell it was jelly.  I am just somewhat amazed that he doesn’t remember what it is, or how it got all over.

I don’t know why he occasionally he will decide to stay up all night.  It throws him completely out of whack when he does, and takes several days or weeks to get him back into a regular sleep routine. Why can he not see that he functions much better when he gets enough sleep??????


On a much brighter note – I am getting a car today!  Pontiac G6 GT to be exact!  Spur of the moment, we haven’t even been car shopping, in fact, I’ve been telling The Love of My Life that I was fine driving the oldest’s pick up for another year or so, that I really didn’t want a car payment.  But, one of his co-workers is selling his,  My Love asked me repeatedly, I got too tempted, and my banker didn’t help when he told me what payments would be, and that we should do it!

Before the wreck, when we were discussing and starting to look for a bigger everyday vehicle for me, not too seriously looking, I LOVED my s10, and really wasn’t looking forward to changing, but, a car seat wouldn’t fit in it.  I did want a G6, but The Love of My Life didn’t.  We also hadn’t decided whether to trade in the s10, or keep it and let him play with it and turn it into a hot rod.  The oldest was driving my s10 when he fall asleep at the wheel. He still doesn’t want a G6, but, he keeps telling me it doesn’t matter, because I’m the one driving it, not him, and it’s what I wanted when we were somewhat car shopping. It does have a couple of things wrong with it, but, nothing major, and My Love can fix it. So, in about an hour or so, I get to go to the bank and sign papers for another monthly payment. Yay?????


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