Feelings of Guilt

A couple Friday nights ago, both the older boys were off with their girlfriends.  Dad and youngest boy were riding their dirt bikes, I was out in the sand box with Munchkin.  They stopped, were starting to get hungry, Munchkin and I went in and quickly fixed supper, and the thought struck me.  IF the oldest would have been getting the rest he needed instead of staying out with his friends way too late every night, he wouldn’t have fallen asleep on his way to work, and had the wreck that changed all of our lives.  Second son is also out of school, with a fairly good paying job.  Both of those boys *could* be living in their own houses, and this would be what it would be like all the time – quick, easy, much cheaper meals, less dishes, less laundry, not having to wash bedding every morning – so much easier!

As fast as the thought came to my mind, I was overcome by guilt for even thinking that.  I LOVE my boys – I LOVE all my kids!  I don’t really want them to move out, but.. occasionally, thoughts do cross my mind that they are adults….

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