I don’t know.

I keep feeling in my heart like I should start posting more about the day to day issues/trials/whatever you want to call it of being mom/care taker of an adult son with a TBI, while also having 2 teenage sons and a 2 year old daughter. Not to mention an adult step daughter who’s gone off the deep end into drug addiction.
But, I resist. I don’t know how to word things without it coming across as
whiny or ‘poor pitiful me.’ I don’t want people to feel sorry for us. There isn’t any reason for that. It’s Life. Things happen, sometimes good, sometimes bad. There is Always something to give thanks for, and moments of laughter, even during the bad. Even during the worst times you can imagine.
I just keep feeling like I should, maybe it would help someone going through similar? Maybe it would help me?

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