Stupid dogs!

I take baby girl outside to play. She’s busy emptying her pool, one toy teapot at a time, while I’m relaxing and maybe I’ll even get a tan this year. All of a sudden, all of our big dogs start making concerned ‘what is this?’barks from the side yard. We’re talking about a German shorthair pointer, and 3 pointer/lab mixes. Not small dogs!
I reluctantly get up to investigate. They are all circled around something, noses down, hesitantly stepping forward than jumping backwards. All of them. All I could think of was ‘SNAKE!’ I am deathly afraid of snakes! First instinct was grab baby girl and just stay in the house, but yet, I couldn’t see anything.
So, I start hesitantly stepping forward, ready to jump back -like the dogs, but I wasn’t barking, I was just ready to Scream and run. And I don’t run.
The dogs keep taking turns, snapping into the center of their circle and jumping back, while I cautiously inched forward, thinking of the story my friend told me just this morning about a rattlesnake in her yard, striking at her German shepherd.
I finally got close enough to see what was causing all the commotion, relaxed and instantly started laughing and calling them all idiots.
The source of all the commotion was an innocent piece of plastic, probably knocked unnoticed out of my son’s work truck.


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